Accident Benefits


-Your own insurance company.

-The insurance company of the vehicle in which you were a passenger.

-The insurance company of the other vehicle involved in the accident.

You can receive coverage for medical expenses, lost income, damages items and some out of pocket-expenses.

You should contact us immediately even if your injuries seem to be not too significant at the first sight. The insurance companies might be difficult to deal with. Remember, the purpose of the Insurance Company is to minimize its costs and maximize its Profits!

Ontario has a complicated system to compensate individuals injured in a motor vehicle accident. Your entitlement to damages depends on the type of insurance coverage you purchased or was purchased by the at-fault driver. If you were injured in a collision, hit-and-run, pedestrian accident, bicycle accident, or if you were a passenger or driver of a vehicle, or passenger on a bus or streetcar, you may be able to make a claim for pain and suffering, income loss and medical and other expenses.

Scope of Practise

1. Driver’s Injuries

2. Car Passanger’s Injures

3. Pedestrian Injuries

4. Bicyclist’s Injuries

5. Uber Passanger/ Driver’s injuries

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Denis Chubar graduated from RUDN University (Moscow, Russia) with High Honors in 2007. He holds a Master’s Degree in Law and Public Administration (with High Honors) and has a diploma as an Interpreter from German Language (with Honors). He also has a Paralegal Diploma from Seneca College. He is certified in Alternative Dispute Resolution and a Member in Good Standing of the Law Society of Ontario. Denis Chubar’s detail-oriented approach leaves no stone unturned and allows him to achieve great results for his clients when negotiating with the insurance company and at tribunal.

When not in the middle of a tribunal or arbitration hearing, Denis enjoys travelling or reading.

Denis has an expertise in car accident claims and Tribunal Hearings, Criminal Injuries Compensation Board, Human Rights Tribunal and Small Claims Court.