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DENIS CHUBAR PROFESSIONAL CORPORATION is an experienced personal injury firm in Toronto, Canada. We helped many hundreds of people after a motor vehicle accident to bring their case to a successful conclusion.

We have the right experience, knowledge, and compassion to get the results that you deserve for your personal injury case. We act on behalf of both seriously injured accident victims, and small accident benefits claimants. We recovered millions of dollars on behalf of our clients and their loved ones from the insurance companies.

Partner, Denis Chubar Professional Corporation.

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Practices Areas

Human Rights Tribunal

You are protected against discrimination and harassment on the basis of an individual’s or group’s personal characteristics

Accident Benefits

We work on car accident claims. You can apply for compensation if you were a driver, a passenger, a pedestrian or a bicyclist.

Criminal Injuries Compensation Board

If you are injured as a result of a violent crime, you are eligible for a Compensation.



Denis Chubar graduated from RUDN University (Moscow, Russia) with High Honors in 2007. He holds a Master’s Degree in Law and Public Administration (with High Honors) and has a diploma as an Interpreter from German Language (with Honors). He also has a Paralegal Diploma from Seneca College. He is certified in Alternative Dispute Resolution and a Member in Good Standing of the Law Society of Ontario. Denis Chubar’s detail-oriented approach leaves no stone unturned and allows him to achieve great results for his clients when negotiating with the insurance company and at tribunal.

When not in the middle of a tribunal or arbitration hearing, Denis enjoys travelling or reading.

Denis has an expertise in car accident claims and Tribunal Hearings, Criminal Injuries Compensation Board, Human Rights Tribunal and Small Claims Court.

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    Why Clients Choose Us

    It is crucially important for your claim to choose the right legal representative. In Accident Benefits some people trust the big names which is really big marketing networks. You can see some of it on the TTC buses. The truth is that No Big Law Firm will ever use one of their advertised lawyers to handle your claim! They only personally engage with Catastrophically Impaired claimants! The rest of the cases are handled by legal assistants and law clerks some of which have no legal education or experience at all!

    Unlike there big networks, Denis Chubar is Personally involved with each and every client. Denis uses his full educational background and work experience to make the best of every file he retains. This allows to reach the Final Resolution on the file much faster than most of other personal Injury firms. In addition to that, this also helps to increase the settlement amount and leaves our clients with good impression about us.


    Words From Clients

    • After the car accident I discovered I have Depression and Sleep disorder. Denis was able to get my injuries to be treated seriously by the insurance company. He negotiated a very good settlement on my behalf!

      Elena S.
    • Denis Chubar took all the stress of dealing with the insurance company away so I could focus on healing physically and emotionally. He helped me get a fair settlement from the insurance company. My only regret is that I should have called him sooner in my case.

      Matthew H.
    • I went to so many firms and they couldn’t help me much. A friend of mine recommended me Denis Chubar and in less than 6 weeks after negotiations with the insurance company I received compensation and the file was settled. Denis represented my file with great care and support. I highly recommend his services to all the people injured physically or psychologically in a car accident!

      Rommel G.

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